By Roman Teplyakov / Orient – The world book of records», it is the Guinness World Records, was published for the first time on August, 27, 1955, at once becoming the best seller. The idea of its creation was born from comic dispute on one of the English parties. What of the European birdies flies fastest: golden ploveror the Scottish partridge?

The first edition was released at the request of the brewing company with the same name for visitors of the Irish and British pubs who liked to argue about «recordness» this or that phenomenon. Then it included, basically, scientific facts.

This year the Book celebrates its 65th birthday. Now it is the high-grade industry, is printed in forty countries in 37 languages and remains to be one of the world leaders in sales. All records registered in the Book are distributed by corresponding categories which, in turn, enter into the basic sections.

In total in the Book there are 10 sections. Riches – the section devoted to monetary records: the big prizes, the most valuable things, the biggest condition, the most expensive purchases and others.  Achievements – records of travel, records on life expectancy and so forth Knowledge – achievements in a certain trade, and also records of knowledge of science as a whole. Art and mass-media – the section is devoted to the achievements in the field of cinematography, music, animation, an advertising and others. Danger and accidents – here are placed the indicators connected with wars, epidemics, acts of nature. Courage – the champions who have got to the Book thanks to conquest of tops here are presented, to fulfilment of round-the-world travel, rescue of people, and also reached limits, important for mankind (for example, space). Glory – the records connected with stars, awards, and also famous religious figures and philanthropists. Modern technologies – technological achievements in the field of the Internet, transport, satellite communication and creation of clever things. Sports – the Olympic records, achievements in certain sports, records of sportsmen in extreme sports. Human – the given section are limited by records in the sizes of the body and bodybuilding.

In the Guinness World Records there are also records of Turkmenistan, especially a lot of them in town-planning and architecture area. Here are some of them:

  1. The Fountain complex «Oghuz khan» at the entrance to the International airport of Ashkhabad which was included into the Guinness’s Book of Records in 2010.
  2. The Star of the Oghuz-khan decorating the Centre of Television, Radio Broadcasting of Turkmenistan, which was included in October, 2011 as the biggest image of star.
  3. The Ferris wheel, 57 metres in diameter, in the cultural-entertaining centre “Alem” in Ashkhabad, which was included in May, 2012 as the biggest big wheel in a covered premise.
  4. The city of Ashkhabad was included in the Book in May, 2013 as a city with the greatest quantity white marble coated buildings in the world.
  5. The Ashkhabad international airport – thanks to the biggest image of the carpet ornament (705 sq.) on the main passenger terminal was also included the Book in September, 2016.
  6. Objects of the Olympic village in Ashkhabad – the biggest image of the Akhalteke racer at the Olympic stadium and Water Sports complex with the greatest in the world indoor swimming pool – were included into the book in September, 2017.


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